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Central Cambria Curriculum Plan


    We strive every day to offer a curriculum that includes:


*Strict alignment to Pennsylvania Core Standards through Unit Plans Developed by Teachers


*Continuous learning through effective collaboration among the schools of this district


*Continuous access for all students to sufficient programs and services of library/media facility and classroom collection to support the educational programs


*Guidance and counseling services for all students to assist in career and academic planning


*A continuum of educational programs and services for all students with disabilities


*Language Instruction Educational Program for English Learner students, regulation and Board policy


*Equal educational opportunity for all students


*Career awareness and vocational education


*Educational opportunities for identified gifted students


*Regular and continuous instruction in required safety procedures



The Framework for K-12 Program Guidelines can be accessed HERE.


Elementary School Curriculum Materials:


Reading - PA Core Standards

K-5 “Wonders” Curriculum


Math - PA Core Standards

“Go Math” Series


Social Studies -

Nonfiction books to incorporate literacy with Social Studies facts and knowledge


Science - Elementary Science Curriculum

ASSET, Inc - curriculum and kits



“Inventionland” Curriculum, “Lego League”


Instructional Practices and Assessments - Teachers use a variety of instructional practices to teach their lessons including, but not limited to: shared reading, interactive read-alouds, small group guided reading, writing to learn with Collins writing, group work, small group instruction, projects, and discovery based lessons.


Teachers use formative, summative, benchmark, diagnostic, and progress monitoring assessments to inform their instruction.



Response to Intervention - Small group instruction based on individual needs.

Response to Intervention Information



If you have more questions regarding the elementary curriculum, please contact the Cambria Elementary Principal at 814-472-8432 or the Jackson Elementary Principal at 814-749-0543.