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STEM Activities




By incorporating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and Problem-Based Learning Activities into our everyday curriculum, our students are gaining the foundation they need for a bright and prosperous future.



-Asset Kit Fabric Unit

-Asset Kit Push, Pull, Go

- Sink or Float, Apple building Boat activity (Prasko)


1st Grade

-Asset Kit Weather

-Asset Kit Solids and Liquids


2nd Grade

-Asset Kit Changes

-Asset Kit Balancing and Weighing


3rd Grade

-Asset Kit :Plant Development

-Asset Kit: Rocks and Minerals

-Penn State Kit: Embryology

-Scott Foresman Text

- Chapter 1-Plants and How They Grow

- Chapter 2- How Animals Live

-Chapter 3- Where Plants and Animals Live

-Chapter 4 - Plants and Animals Living Together

(Bloom- Stop Motion Video: Food Chain/Ecosystems)

-Chapter 7- Rocks and Soil


4th Grade

-Asset Kit Electricity

-Backpack Jack STEM activities

-Lakeshore STEM Tubs

  • Force & Motion
  • Car Designer Lab
  • Plane Designer Challenge
  • Quake Safe Structure Design
  • Space Launcher Activity Lab
  • Windmill Design Lab
  • Marble Roller Coaster Design Lab
  • Robohand Design
  • Alarm Your Pencil Box Lab

-Stop Motion Lego Mini Movies

-Electronic Snap Circuit Activities

-Solar Cooker Design Challenge


5th Grade

-Asset Kit Electricity

-Asset Kit - Levers & Pulleys

-Asset Kit - Sinking & Floating

-Goldenrod Robotics Equipment

-K’nex Building sets - motorized amusement park rides & critters

-Backpack Jack STEM activities

-Penguins Foundation Hockey Scholar on-line and hands on activities

-Designed Christmas Tree Cup Towers & Index card towers to hold a specific load