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Welcome Letter from Principal


Dear Jackson Family and Friends,


Welcome to what promises to be another great year of learning and fun at Jackson Elementary. As your new principal, I am very excited to be joining such a wonderful team of students, parents and staff. Our school has been very fortunate the past several years to have had Dr. Tricia Murin, and most recently, Mr. Joe Strittmatter as principal. I know it is tough to lose such awesome principals; I also know I have giant shoes to fill. Please understand it is my intent to keep the many things that have gone so well these past several years in place right now. We do not need to slow the progress our school has made just because a new principal is joining the team. In fact, my goal is to make as few changes as possible while continuing to support and enhance the good work already in place here at JES.


I would like you to know a few things about me as a first step in getting to know each other a little better. First off, I have been an educator for 14 years. I lived in NY, GA and PA. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in English and Childhood Education. I also completed my Master’s Degree and K-12 Principal’s Certificate in Educational Leadership at Edinboro University. My husband and I have two very energetic and active children. Our oldest son now attends CCMS and our daughter will enter fourth grade at CCES. We also have an adorable Maltese named Sparky.


I want you all to know that I greatly honor the work already happening at Jackson Elementary and that my past has prepared me well to serve students, staff, and families. I learned early in life what it means to work hard, and I promise I will work very hard to make sure we focus our efforts on student success. This first year I will focus on three very simple goals:


  1. Get to know each other;
  2. Get caught up to speed with the atmosphere and culture of the building and community;
  3. Make sure students are learning and having a great time in their classrooms.


I am truly honored to be the new principal at Jackson Elementary, and I very much look forward to getting this year started.


Warmest regards,


Christine M. Long


Jackson Elementary School